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Company Profile  

Sunrise Shipping Agency Ltd.

Sunrise Shipping Agency Ltd. was established in 1997 and is a shipping and husbandry agency. We provide complete marine service, on a 24 hour basis for the offshore operations including:

  • Drilling Rigs (Semi-Submersible, Tender, & Jack-Ups)
  • Supply/Anchor Handling Tugs
  • Barges
  • Fixed Platform
  • Seismic Survey Vessels
  • ROV & Cable Laying Vessels.
  • Tankers (Oil, LPG)

Ship’s Agency Services

  • Inward/Outward Clearance for Vessels
  • Offshore Operation Permits
  • Personnel work permit
  • Entry/Exit Permits and Immigration Service for crew
  • Sign on/ Sign off for Crew Changes
  • Air Travel Ticketing
  • Provisions
  • Inward/Outward Custom Clearance for Spare Parts
  • Bonded Stores
  • Ship Documents Re-Certification
  • Navigational Charts and equipments
  • Pharmacy
  • Support/Chase Vessels for Seismic Operations.
  • Bunker and Water Supply
  • Warehouse
Past Clients  

The companies we have served before:

  • Chuan Hup Agencies (Pte) Ltd.
  • Seacor Marine (Asia) Offshore Pte Ltd.
  • Seabulk Offshore S.A.
  • Care Offshore
  • Tidewater Marine International Inc.
  • Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC)
  • Japan Drilling Co.
  • CONOCO Taiwan Exploration & Production B.V.
  • Breswater Marine Contracting B.V.

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