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Company Profile  

Sino-American Offshore Supplies Ltd.

Sino-American Offshore Supplies Ltd. was established in 1975 and is able to handle all aspects of complete 24 hour offshore operation services and the international import/export business.

Offshore Operation Services

  1. Marketing and Consulting agent
  2. Catering
  3. Foodsupply
  4. Shipstore/Material suipply
  5. Repairs
  6. Local and foreign labors supply
  7. Local logistic Services. Namely:
    • To rent office, warehouse and office equipment
    • To rent company automobile
    • To provide secretary and office expediter

Import Products:

  • Edible Refined Ethanol from China (Crop) and Thailand. (Molasses)
  • Edible Crude Ethanol made by Molasses from Thailand.
  • Chinese Distilled White Wine made by Sorghum.
Our import volume for Ethanol is around 5000 M/T to 10000 M/T per year to Taiwan. We have imported Ethanol to Taiwan since 2000.

Export Products:

Korean Ginseng Candy ctn/24pkgs
Jasmine Choicest Tea cs/24x10x75gm
Oolong Tea cs/24x10x75gm
Vegetarian Chop-Suey ctn/24cans
Vegetarian Mock Abalone ctn/24 cans
Vegetarian Mock Pork ctn/24 cans
Curry Vegetarian Mock Abalone ctn/24 cans
Grass Jelly ctn/12 cans
Chili Bamboo Shoots cs/4x12x180gm
Chili Bean Curd cs/4x12x200gm
Chili Sauce cs/4x12x200gm
Chili Paste cs/2x12x370gm
Chili Paste with Garlic cs/2x12x370gm
Garlic Chili Sauce cs/4x12x200gm
Hot Pickled Cucumber cs/4x12x200gm

Our main customer is Dairy Farm Company, Ltd. (Hong Kong) The business relationship is from 1976 till present.

Work History  

We have had the pleasure to serve the following companies:

1. Western Offshore Drilling/Exploration Co. 1975-1984
2. Odeco Drilling Services, Inc. 1982-1983, 1991-1993
3. Lauritzen Offshore 1984-1987
4. McDermott International, Inc. 1986-1987
5. Maersk Drilling 1986-1987
6. Viking Offshore Drilling A/S 1987-1988
7. Reading & Bates Drilling Co. 1988-1990
8. JFP Energy, Inc. 1989-1990
9. Care Offshore 1994-1995
10. Tidewater Marine International Inc. 1992-1993, 1996-1997
11. Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC) 1988-1997
12. Chuan Hup Agencies (Pte) Ltd. 1996-2000
13. Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. 1987-1998, 1999-2000
14. Seacor Marine (Asia) Offshore (Pte) Ltd. 1997-1998
15. Seabulk Offshore S.A. 1998-1999
16. Apac Food (former Pangansari Service, S’pore) 1999-2000
17. CONOCO Taiwan Exploration & Production B.V. 1997-1998
18. Breswater Marine Contracting B.V. 1999-1999

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